My normal work week is so draining by the time the weekend rolls around I want to be in my easy chair, in my PJs, with my Hulu and my laptop. I want to drink sweet English Breakfast tea and bake chocolate goodies. I read recipes, cookbooks, and foodie blogs like they are novels. I watch reruns of Bones and Law and Order. Before I know it the weekend is over and I wonder what happened to both of the days because they blur together into one long hibernation.

This weekend was accidentally productive. I’ve been uncharacteristically energetic on weekends recently. Very recently. This weekend I just kept getting up from my hibernation recliner and doing stuff.

“Ugh, this kitchen is a mess. I need to get these dishes in the dishwasher…. and wash up the few that need to be done by hand…. and wipe down the counters…. the stove top is dirty… so is the microwave…. and the frig, oven, and dishwasher doors.”

“I have absolutely no work clothes left. Four loads of laundry will get me through the next couple of weeks.”

“I just vacuumed this carpet last weekend and it’s a wreck again already. I have a friend coming over for dinner. I need to vacuum the house…. I might as well clean the bathroom too. Always my mom’s rule for house guests: make sure the house is picked up and the bathroom is clean. That’s all guests will notice.”

“Tri-tip dinner with steam mixed veggies, sauteed kale, mashed potatoes, homemade chocolate pound cake.” (I did still manage to stick to my bake-chocolate-goodies routine.)

“I can’t just let the two teenage boys I hired to work on my yard do all the work by themselves while I recline and watch TV. That just feels sluggish. Plus my friend is fixing my fence. I should get out there and participate. Weed the front flower beds, rake and pull all the dead plants from the winter, sweep the sidewalks and driveway, clean-up after the fence painting, kill the gophers that are eating my rose bushes I keep replacing.”

“Promised to take The Boy to get a tux for the prom which entails driving him and his two friends to town, getting lunch, dropping by the video game store. And great, the tux shop is closed… New plan: new dress shirt and tie, black slacks,… $37 at Kohls. Hot dog! Getting off cheap with this prom.”

Now that I look back on the weekend…. Holy cow. How in the world did I manage to get my house clean, laundry done, my yard clean, my fence fixed, prom shopping done, and cooked a nice dinner? I even slipped in a nap, pizza, and a caught up on some of my TV programs. Maybe I need to consider a new weekend routine, a more productive, involved, accomplished weekend. Because at the end of it, I didn’t look back and think, “Hey where’d my two days go!” This time I look back and think, “Hot damn, I got a lot of stuff done!”