What a crazy busy month January was! Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to relax and enjoy and de-stress, which I believe is critically important to have a good life and good health. I honestly don’t know how people in other career fields do it. In education, we have reliable holidays, built in vacation times, and fairly routine work hours. How do retail or the medical field do it when they have ever changing shifts and no days off?

Life is meant to be lived. In my mind, this means there needs to be a purpose or contribution to humanity or the earth, AND there needs to be joy and appreciation of the life we have. Now for me, I enjoy my job. It’s my contribution to humanity, and children and a community who need me. And it is a source of joy. I enjoy my colleagues. I enjoy my little school and overseeing the learning and activities which goes on there. But still, all work and no play make this bird dull and drab. Finding the time to have a hobby, get out in the fresh air, and have a social life beyond work colleagues is tricky. There just aren’t enough hours in a weekend to keep up my house and yard, re-cooperate and catch up on lost sleep, and have a social life.

So, my weekends are split between one day vegetating and doing little chores, and one day trying to have a little fun. Today was cooking lunch and watching a video with a friend. Ooo, I live on the edge.