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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Beautiful hike on the coast today. The sun was shining. The breeze was mild. It’s amazing how California can be in January. Amazing. This is a sink hole along the trail. An old sea cave collapsed in.


Faking My Way (Day 2): I’m a Minority

In the world of superintendents, I’m a minority: female and under 40. If I had a less Caucasian heritage, I could be even more minor. But the thing I learned tonight, that made me one of the greatest minorities in the room, is my tattoo. Or more correctly, tattoos.

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Faking My Way (Day 1): A Sea of Black and Gray

My role in my career has many new experiences for me. As a teacher, I’m in my classroom. I’m planning my lessons. I’m interacting with my kids. And when I got to a professional development conference, I sit; I listen; I go home and try out a couple of new ideas I learned.

As an administrator, professional conferences involve networking. Lots of networking. It seems to be a requirement of the job that no one told me about until I got hired. So here I am at a superintendents’ conference. Completely lost and trying hard to look professional and competent.

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What a week!

So let me give the break down of this week…

Sunday: Came home from three day conference.

Monday: Had the day off of work in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. By 8:00 p.m. my son was volatile-ly sick. The bathroom was disgusting. But since he was sick until some time past midnight it didn’t seem necessary to clean up until it was all past.

Tuesday: Went to work with the plan to come home early since my son (The Boy) was still pretty sick. Just as I was leaving work, I got a call from The Boy that a pipe had busted outside and water was flooding the front yard. The details of that adventure are in a previous post.

Wednesday: The plumber called in sick, so still no water. Still no clean up of The Boy’s bathroom, and dishes piling high around the kitchen sink.

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Frozen Adventures Continue

This vicious flu has spread. Now the plumber has it. The business office called this morning to postponed my emergency repair order. Not terrible. I know accidents like pipes breaking happen. I don’t get my feathers ruffled over little thing like that. But we are still living off of 5-gallon water jugs for hand washing and teeth brushing, and buckets of water from the neighbors’ to flush the toilet. I’m really starting to miss indoor plumbing.

Frozen Adventures

My son stayed home sick from school today. Last night he was violently ill with a fast on-set stomach flu. He vomited for hours. Nothing stayed in, not even water. As fortune would have it, this was actually a good thing.

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Career Trajectory

Thirteen years ago, I was a newly credentialed elementary school teacher. I was hired at a tiny, rural school about 60 miles from home. I thought it would be a starting point, a place to get some experience. My original plan was to spend about three or four years there, then get hired at a school in a town closer to home.

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Searching for a focus

One of my struggles with starting this blog is finding a focus about which to write. Beginning this process, I know I am using it more as a journal. I doubt many will want to read my daily diary of every day life. I have too many ideas. This is a common problem of many fledgling writers. Do I want it to be completely personal? Do I want to write about my struggle to lose weight? Do I want to journal about my career and the challenges faced every day in California schools? I kind of want to talk about all of it. Meld it all together. Make this is exercise in writing more than a statement to the world. At least for now…

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Find me on the web

In the spirit of trying something new, I decided to try my skills at blogging. 2012 promises to hold some big changes in my life; changes I will explore more in the future. But as this mist of the unknown looms down the road a bit, I’ve had the desire to stretch my interests into new explorations, new hobbies, new mini-adventures. I think I need to challenge myself in my personal life. I have spent several years now challenging my professional life, but have stagnated in the other 128 hours of the week.

I returned home this evening from a professional conference. One of the presenters made a comment long the lines of, “If I can’t find you on the web, you are behind the times.” Considering I am supposed to be leading the future, being behind the times is distinctly an insult… or problem. And it’s my job to solve problems. Until this conference this weekend, I had never really considered blogging. Do I have anything to say? Does anyone want to hear what I do say? What if it is unfocused and all over the place? Is that a bad blog?

Questions, fears, and insecurities aside, here we go. Blog number one. Now you can find me on the web.