I read an article today about nine things that will disappear in our lifetime. Some were not surprising: newspapers, books, home phone lines. However, the article also declared the death of television. Interesting. Considering there are tons of studies and articles out there about Americans watching too much TV. How is it going to die if it is over consumed? The argument the article made was television streaming and online gaming were going to kill television…. as we know it, I assume, since streaming television shows is still television. The article also cited sensationalist tv as proof that the industry is self-destructing. Maybe so. I will have to say, it is hard to find a good sitcom these days. Most dramas are a spin-off of already-successful shows.

So, if the article is true, I will have to say I am guilty of contributing to the death of television. I have not paid for cable television my entire adult life. There are a couple of times I have lived with someone who couldn’t live without cable so I had it by default. But when the decision was entirely up to me, no cable. I do not understand the sense in paying for something that has so many commercials in it. Aren’t the commercials supposed to fund the television? Why do they need my $80.00/month on top of that? I do however subscribe to a couple of streaming products which I can watch a wide variety of shows at my own leisure. Not everything is there but, generally, I have a good selection and for half the price.

As for the second charge, online gaming… I’m guilty there too. I have always loved games: Boggle, Hearts, Monopoly, Clue, Uno, Tripoly, and so on. There problem is I don’t really have enough people I know to play with. I have a couple of options, but that’s about it. Enter computer games. Yay! Cards, puzzles, logic games, word games, little farming games… a wide array of games I can play without needing to find someone to play with me. Is this antisocial? Yeah, maybe a little. But it is certainly practical. These days I have some favorites: Scramble, Zombie Farm, Gardens of Time, free online jigsaw puzzles, Logic Puzzles, memory cards, word searches, Sudoku…. Do I sound like an addict? Yeah, maybe a little.