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I started this blog as an experiment, an experiment to put myself out there more on the web and as a way to journal my ever-changing life. My life always seems to be in major transition. Each year I think, "Wow, this year is so different than last. At the end of it, I will stay on this path for some time." But no, it is never constant. Now, I am in the "young-single-mom transition to empty nest" phase of my little trip around the sun. I'm not yet 40 and my one-and-only child is headed off to college. What will this new phase be for me?

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Moroccan Churizo Ragout with Poached Eggs

I came across this recipe on Food 52 The photo alone looked worth eating. Yummy! I love spicy Moroccan flavors. I love eggs. And I love experimental cooking. So last night a friend and I tackled this recipe. My adaptations are written in my recipe below. I don’t have access to an Arabic grocery store,  Continue Reading »

Springtime Chicken Soup

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a bit of a foodie, both in the high-end gourmet restaurant foodie sort and the experiment with a wide variety of cooking at home foodie sort. This certainly contributes of my extra pounds I’ve mentioned previously. I don’t have the energy or willpower to keep up an  Continue Reading »

Fabulous Veggie Recipes

I’ve discovered two fantastic veggie recipes lately. Neither of them are completely my own. The recipes here are my adaptations. Lemon-garlic Kale adapted from recipe “Mediterranean Kale” I have tried to like kale. I know dark leafy greens are good for you. Mostly I have gotten kale to be palatable. This recipe is actually  Continue Reading »

Weekend Lesson in Productivity

My normal work week is so draining by the time the weekend rolls around I want to be in my easy chair, in my PJs, with my Hulu and my laptop. I want to drink sweet English Breakfast tea and bake chocolate goodies. I read recipes, cookbooks, and foodie blogs like they are novels. I  Continue Reading »

Great Song Lyrics

I know this is probably a cliche topic, but, if nothing else, I want it to remember lyrics I like. “Have you come here for forgivenessHave you come to raise the dead Have you come here to play Jesus To the lepers in your head “- U2 “One” (This is a great song in general. I  Continue Reading »

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