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The Empty Nest Experiment

Tonight is a true night of empty nest experimentation. The Boy is away at a sleepover. The house is very quiet. I’m not quite sure how I will ever get used to this. It feels very cavernous. Read more

Moroccan Churizo Ragout with Poached Eggs

I came across this recipe on Food 52

The photo alone looked worth eating. Yummy! I love spicy Moroccan flavors. I love eggs. And I love experimental cooking. So last night a friend and I tackled this recipe. My adaptations are written in my recipe below. I don’t have access to an Arabic grocery store, so we improvised the best we could. I think (having never tasted the authentic dish) we created something pretty tasty. Read more

Springtime Chicken Soup

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a bit of a foodie, both in the high-end gourmet restaurant foodie sort and the experiment with a wide variety of cooking at home foodie sort. This certainly contributes of my extra pounds I’ve mentioned previously. I don’t have the energy or willpower to keep up an exercise routine, so my love of food is a definite problem. One of these days I will work on that… the exercise regime, not the love of good food.

So this evenings meal is a simple, lovely, light chicken soup. Perfect for spring weather. It has a bit of an Asian flare to it. It’s also filling enough to be dinner. Read more

Fabulous Veggie Recipes

I’ve discovered two fantastic veggie recipes lately. Neither of them are completely my own. The recipes here are my adaptations.

Lemon-garlic Kale

adapted from recipe “Mediterranean Kale”

I have tried to like kale. I know dark leafy greens are good for you. Mostly I have gotten kale to be palatable. This recipe is actually good. I could eat this kale every week. I’m already planning to get more on my next grocery shopping trip. Read more

Weekend Lesson in Productivity

My normal work week is so draining by the time the weekend rolls around I want to be in my easy chair, in my PJs, with my Hulu and my laptop. I want to drink sweet English Breakfast tea and bake chocolate goodies. I read recipes, cookbooks, and foodie blogs like they are novels. I watch reruns of Bones and Law and Order. Before I know it the weekend is over and I wonder what happened to both of the days because they blur together into one long hibernation.

This weekend was accidentally productive. I’ve been uncharacteristically energetic on weekends recently. Very recently. This weekend I just kept getting up from my hibernation recliner and doing stuff. Read more

Great Song Lyrics

I know this is probably a cliche topic, but, if nothing else, I want it to remember lyrics I like.

“Have you come here for forgiveness
Have you come to raise the dead
Have you come here to play Jesus
To the lepers in your head¬†“
- U2 “One” (This is a great song in general. I like all the lyrics. This is just my favorite part. How can it not be hard hitting when you ask someone if they are playing Jesus to their own lepers.”)

  Read more

Adventures on the Central Coast

The Boy and I had a fantastic weekend in Monterey, California. There is so much to do there. Fabulous restaurants. Great historic sites. Nice shopping. Here are the highlights:

Read more

Computer Games Kill TV

I read an article today about nine things that will disappear in our lifetime. Some were not surprising: newspapers, books, home phone lines. However, the article also declared the death of television. Interesting. Considering there are tons of studies and articles out there about Americans watching too much TV. How is it going to die if it is over consumed? The argument the article made was television streaming and online gaming were going to kill television…. as we know it, I assume, since streaming television shows is still television. The article also cited sensationalist tv as proof that the industry is self-destructing. Maybe so. I will have to say, it is hard to find a good sitcom these days. Most dramas are a spin-off of already-successful shows.

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Triple Double Stuff

I discovered Triple Double Stuff Oreos today. Yum! Double Stuff Oreos with white and chocolate frosting inside. Double Stuff Oreos are a sinful treat to begin with. But you add a second layer of chocolate frosting on top of that, Manna from Heaven!


Finding the time

What a crazy busy month January was! Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to relax and enjoy and de-stress, which I believe is critically important to have a good life and good health. I honestly don’t know how people in other career fields do it. In education, we have reliable holidays, built in vacation times, and fairly routine work hours. How do retail or the medical field do it when they have ever changing shifts and no days off?

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